The Next Generation of Decontamination

AeroClave™ provides multiple solutions to the EMS and First Responder communities.

RDS 3110

The Triple Play!

The RDS 3110 provides the capability to decontaminate vehicles, rooms and equipment anytime-anywhere.The only solution on the market to combine hands-free decontamination of rooms/facilities and vehicles with the ability to hand-spray equipment.


Designed for Type I & III Ambulances

The ADP-PT is a cost-effective option to be used in conjunction with your RDS 3110 to decontaminate the interior of a vehicle.The ADP-PT is to be installed into an exterior compartment. The assembly includes a built-in 8 foot hose with plug-and-play fitting to easily connect to your RDS 3110. Hose is always on-board when needed.


Always On-Board Decon

The ADS is directly integrated into your new or existing vehicle to provide the most convenient way decontaminate your vehicle's patient compartment quickly, safely, and effectively.

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