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Ferno Cots
iN∫X Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System
Dual Powered Actuators – Maximize tip stability and lift patient loads up to 700lbsIntegrated Charging System – Eliminate battery management Programmable Load Height – Adjusts to match your ambulance floor heightLevel Patient Surface – Level at all heights to enhance procedural careUniversal Accessory Rail – Attach accessories in any position
The iN∫X Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System is the only system proven to effectively eliminate lifting from patient transport both at the back of the ambulance and on-scene.  Load patients without lifting and overcome obstacles with the push of a button, not your back!FEATURESRAISE, LOWER, LOAD, UNLOAD WITHOUT LIFTING. – iNtegrated Loading System allows you to stop lifting and to load and unload with ease.UP AND OVER OBSTACLES WITH CONFIDENCE. – iNdependent X-Frame Design allows you to navigate obstacles with your thumb and not your back.LIGHT AND LEAD THE WAY – iNtegrated lighting system with continuous and flashing modes allows you to see and be seen in dark and hazardous conditions. 
Ferno 93H PROFlexx Cot
Ferno’s 93H PROFlexx® H-Frame Ambulance Cot provides exceptional stability and safety when transferring and transporting patients. The 93H features an exclusive transport position, which keeps the bed surface level to provide a lower center of gravity when rolling the raised cot with a patient on it. The enhanced stability reduces the chances of tips or flips and other situations that can cause injury to patients and medics.A wide range of features and accessories accommodate different size operators and provide for the safe handling of any size patient.
Product Specifications: Length: 67″ (170 cm)  Width: 24″ (61 cm)  Bed Height Range: Max: 36″ (91 cm) Min: 11″ (28 cm) Max Loading Height: 30″ (77 cm) Weight: 98 lb. (44 kg)Load Limit: 650 lbs (295 kg)Shipping Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)


 The Tank BossPurchase the “Tank Boss” and receive free shipping! Call us for DETAILS!! 1-888-791-STAR(7827) The Tank Boss is an innovative solution for lifting and moving and loading oxygen cylinders. Specifically designed to vertically raise tanks up to 27″, it is ideal for loading tanks into ambulances. There is also a horizontal lift which raises to 44″. These are two separate lifts.

This zero-lift device is simple and effective to use. Durable and reliable, let the Tank Boss do the lifting!

Vertical LiftHorizontal Lift
For cylinders stored upright in the ambulance.For cylinders stored horizontally in the ambulance. The horizontal lift can be used to turn tank upright for storage on the ground.
A Combo Vertical lift which can be used for “H” or “M” cylinders is now available.

Key Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Eliminates back injuries caused from lifting cylinders
  • Maintains control of tank at all times
  • Slides tank directly into ambulance compartment
Portable Tank Boss vs. Onboard Lift
One Time Purchase
Must buy new lift with each new ambulance (every 2-3 years)
One Tank Boss works for an entire fleet of vehicles
Must buy a lift for each ambulance
It will carry tank from storage area to ambulance
Does not help with moving cylinder from storage
Takes up zero space on ambulance
Takes up space and adds weight to one side of ambulance

Vertical Tank Boss Anatomy

The Tank Grip The Tank Grip puts a handle on the oxygen cylinder which makes it easier to maneuver. It works especially well with cylinders which are stored horizontally on the ambulance.
Helps prevent pinched fingers!!
Inside of strap has rubber “gripping” strips. Safety buckle has locking cover which prevents accidentally unbuckling.
 Stair Chairs Ferno Stair Chairs


Ferno EZ Glide® Stair Chair with PowerTraxx™
The EZ-Glide® with Powertraxx™ provides maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks. The tracks and motor carry the patient load, not the operator. Enjoy maximum performance on every call with intelligent power system that runs up to 20 flights of stairs per charge. The chair’s easy operation when climbing or descending stairs with intuitive, easy-to-use paddle-style controls keep you in control. 
Product Specifications: Height: 37.5″ (95 cm) Weight: 56.5 lb. (25.6 kg)
 Width: Overall: 20.5″ (52 cm)Load Limit: 500 lb. (227 kg)
 EZ-Glide® Evacuation Stair Chair 
 The EZ Glide® Tracked Stair Chair glides patient loads up to 500 lbs. down stairs without carrying or lifting. Ferno’s industry leading one inch track-to-ground clearance and front swivel-wheels provide superior maneuverability over carpet and in confined spaces such as stair landings. Product Specifications:Height:  37.5 in (95 cm)Width:  20 in (52 cm)Weight:  37 lbs (15 kg)Load Limit:  500 lbs (227 kg)