Our Beginnings


Lone Star Emergency Vehicles was founded in 2006 by Tim Hutchens.

Mr. Hutchens has an extensive career in the manufacturing segment of the EMS & Fire industry which makes him uniquely qualified and acutely knowledgeable in the design and fabrication processes associated with ambulances.

Prior to founding the company in his native Texas, he was Vice President and corporate officer for the world’s largest ambulance manufacturer, producing 22% sales growth in his concluding year. With over two decades in the Fire & EMS market, then coupled with actual hands-on, field experience with departments all over North America, Hutchens has the creative capacity to fully integrate cutting-edge innovation into every ambulance Lone Star designs.

Originating Customer-Centric sales training initiatives for his sales team and customer service representatives is a key aspect to his long-term success in the industry. The Lone Star Emergency Vehicles team has some of the most highly trained and responsive personnel in the industry “on point & ready” to assist customers 24-7.

Their slogan of “Yeah, we can do that” actually originated with one of the company’s field sales representatives. It seemed to the rep that Hutchens was always answering customer questions with, “Yeah, we can do that…” — it just stuck!

Our sales, service and administrative support staff has well over one-hundred years of industry experience. Our list of happy clients grows daily…”Yeah, we can do that…”