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The Kaleidoscope was invented in 1815 by Sir David Brewster.  It proved to be a massive success with two hundred thousand units sold in London & Paris in just three months!  The Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflections, where several rectangular mirrors are placed at a 60 degree angle to each other.  As the tube is rotated, the tumbling of colored objects, five at 60 degrees and two at 90 degrees.Now this is probably more than you would ever want to know about Kaleidoscopes, but the point is… like snowflakes, images are always changing and never duplicated.If you need a break from a tense day, enjoy a good joke from Laughter is the Best Medicine.  If you are looking for a unique delectable recipe, try one of our many Down Home Southern Style Recipes.  And if you want the latest news & updates in our EMS Industry, read a fact with EMS Buzz.Take a little break compliments of your friends at Nexus Emergency Group… you deserve it!